Who doesn’t like something that is free? The Denver Botanic Gardens has free days throughout the year. I highly recommend taking advantage of this. Just meandering around there is a great way to get some gardening ideas or just a great way to stare at beauty and nurture hope. And if you have never visited the Denver Botanic Gardens you may want to check it out on November 8th. Why?

It will be the last time that you can see the Chihuly exhibit for free! I have been four times to this exhibit and each time I see something new. I just love it. There are unusual glass sculptures all over the gardens. It will be beautiful in November, even when all the other plants in the gardens are dying off. Trust me.

And do keep in mind that while all gardens are to be enjoyed, don’t let the grandiosity of this one spoil the enjoyment of your own pots and dirt and growing things. I have to keep that in check myself!

Date: November 8, 2014
Event: Denver Botanic Gardens Free Day
Sponsor: Denver Botanic Gardens
Venue: Denver Botanic Gardens
(720) 865-3501
Location: 1007 York St,
Denver, Colorado 80206
Public: Public

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