Growing Garlic In Colorado

I am a big fan of growing garlic in Colorado. There are several reasons why. But first, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Besides the love of sitting together with others as we prepare the garlic for storage, I also love curly garlic scapes.

A bowl full of garlic scapes I harvested to use in our cooking. Photo: ColoradoBackyardGardener.Com

I also love growing garlic in Colorado because

When To Start Seeds

When to start seeds is always a question for me EVERY year. I am still learning about the best timing. I learn from so many people on the web. I decided to curate a few of my favorites. Since I’m in Colorado, I did add some sites particular to my state (as a lot of my readers are also from Colorado). But, I’d like to make this list good for everyone EVERYWHERE. So please, PLEASE add to this list other web resources that you have found helpful. It is easy to do in the list below. Just click on the red words “add to list” and then copy and paste the URL as instructed. Let’s all learn together on when to start seeds.
Oh…and by the way, in my list is one link about building your own indoor grow light system from Gayla at You Grow Girl. Her site is so GREAT!  And she has some wonderful books too.

Here’s the list: 

FREE Seed Catalogs

Free seed catalogs? Oh yes! It’s the time of year when the ground is frozen and we wonder if anything will grow again. This is a perfect time for me to share with you my list of FREE (and great) seed catalogs — ones that are in print form…ones you can write in, mark up, dream over. There is nothing like holding a seed catalog in your hand in the dead of winter.  Even if you can only order one or two packs,