Healing In The Garden

Healing in the garden. In the last 11 years, I have navigated at least 11 hardships (some I would call tragedies).  Each time I have gone to my backyard garden and put my hands in the soil.  I have been made better there.  Thanks be to God this is true.  And, I think the hard clay soil is different as well.  Thanks be to God this is true.

This is a picture of my Rose of Sharon bush.  It blooms in August.  I love things that bloom in August, don’t you?



Nasturtiums are a gardener’s dream.  They are virtually carefree once established.  I was introduced to this beauty by my friend Nancy.  The summer of 2007, while a summer of grief over the loss of my sister Leslie to suicide, was also a summer of discovery love of this cheerful plant.  If you are in grief, there will be new joys that come along. The garden reminds me of this truth and gives me hope.

The funniest thing about the nasturtium is that it likes old soil.  It doesn’t do well in soil that has been amended with lots of nutrients and fertilizers.  Best thing to do is to use soil that you’ve had in another pot for years and stick some seeds in that.  Yes, seeds.  I wouldn’t recommend transplanting nasturtiums.  Instead I recommend getting your pots filled with other annuals flowers and your beds all planted and then go around and stick nasturtium seeds in empty spots.

I like to

A Low Maintenance Flower

Need a low maintenance flower?  Then check out the many different cultivars (varieties) of the Sedum spectabile.  My post here shows pictures of the ‘Neon’ cultivar.  Plants have popular names and this one is called Stonecrop.   What I adore about this plant is that it is both low maintenance and gorgeous.  AND [cue the drum roll]  it looks GREAT from spring (when it’s green leaves are shiny and new), through the summer (when the flower starts to bloom) and all the way through late fall (when the flower stays and stays).

Now, if you want EASY PEASY….pay attention here! Read on and let me repeat: