Growing Peppers In Colorado

If you are like me, growing peppers in Colorado has challenged you. About five years ago I gave up all together. I don’t give up easily on things. Obviously, I wasn’t having much success! But in the past couple years, I’ve returned to the challenge of growing peppers. I’ve zeroed in and tried to learn some tricks. Since then I have had better success! I even had enough peppers to roast and freeze. I still want to get better at this. But I do have a few tips to share with you.

What are these tips? I have published another Colorado Backyard Gardener Handy Dandy Gardening Guide. You’ll find the link at the very end of

Growing Tomatoes in Colorado

It is possible to have great success at growing tomatoes in Colorado. As you know, I am not a professional gardener. I am a normal average Colorado backyard gardener just like many of you who read here. In most years, I have grown my vegetables and flowers on a budget, some years more lean than others. Because of my budget, I have had to learn how to grow a great tomato without breaking the bank.

Growing tomatoes in Colorado is similar to growing tomatoes in other states, but there are five unique concerns that I think should be addressed. That is why I have published another Handy Dandy Gardening Guide: Growing A Great Tomato for Colorado gardeners.

For a limited time, you can download the pdf for free by clicking here: Growing A Great Tomato. Be sure to share this with your Colorado gardening friends. They’ll be glad you did.